Bra foam cups

If your bra foam cups are made in China or other countries outside of Canada your cost, delay et minimum quantities have probably increased,

Ranger Molding can help you!

Since they are a Canadian manufacturing, the delay and their minimum quantities are much lower.

Briefly, Ranger Molding has been molding foam for over 40 years.

They have a large number of standard molds, among others, for bras cups (swimsuits. push-up foam pads) and standard fabric colors.

They can also work with your molds and your fabrics. The scope of their inventory saves you the cost of acquiring a mold.

Their foam molding service includes nursing pad and bridal foam pads manufacturing.

They can even offer a turnkey service (sewing, cutting, molding, etc.)

Finally, they can create molds specifically for your projects and they offer lamination services.

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