Equipment for slaughterhouse and meat processing plant

You work in a slaughterhouse and/or meat processing plant

Your current equipment need to be updated, automated, modified to allow them to be more efficient,

You need new equipment?

If you want to work with a company that offers not only quality products, but also a turnkey, custom project, Lacal Technologie is you partner for you!

You know, in the agri-food industry, plants are constantly evolving, there are always updates, changes to ensure they remain efficient and meet the standard.

Lacal helps to meet its challenges through:

  • Manufacturing of new equipment
  • Upgrading of existing equipment
  • Changing obsolete equipment (or equipment close to becoming obsolete)
  • Automation of current equipment

The equipment can be used for slaughtering, cutting and packaging of meat

This is a turnkey and customized service including:

  •          Project Quote / Bid
  •          Engineering
  •          Implementation
  •          Complete manufacturing
  •          Automation
  •          Installation
  •          After sales service (including maintenance)

Furthermore, Lacal can manufacture standard equipment. However, if the customer’s needs require additions, changes, etc., Lacal will adapt their products or/and those already in place at the customer.

Their knowledge of their customers’ needs, of work ergonomics, the respect of the standards for the food safety allows them to give a quality and fast services.


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