Products for industrial agriculture

As a distributor of products for industrial agriculture your company would like to add to its catalog a product made in Canada such as BOX FILLING EQUIPMENT?

Indeed, as you know, the products currently on the market come mainly from Europe.

So, a Canadian product manufacturer, susch as our client, Vegtech can significantly reduce their delivery times and transport costs.

Furthermore, as you can speak directly with the manufacturer, according to your working hours, the quality of service is also increased.

These are important benefits for both; your company and your clients.

Briefly, Vegtech’s box filler can have 3 boxes, to be 100% electric and automated. No more oil leaks and reliability issues. Also, this product can be connected in real time with the manufacturer to provide unparalleled customer support.

For your customers, it means a possibility to reduce their number of employees, to be faster and therefore more efficient.

If their BOX FILLING EQUIPMENT does not meet the needs of your company or your clients, Vegtech can manufacture other products that may be relevant.

For example: their garlic cleaning equipment and their garlic cracking equipment.

The cleaning line allows the bulbs to be cleaned and sorted before being stored or packed. The box tipper allows large quantities to be passed with little handling

For its part, the cracking line is an efficient, quick and delicate way to separate the cloves of garlic.

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