Stainless steel drums

Your company manufactures pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or chemical products.

You use drums for manufacture, delivery and/or storage of your value-added products

If you want drums that are:

  • with high quality of the internal surface finish and the fact they are SEAMLESS, it prevents product loss and loss of integrity and purity of stored product and facilitates cleaning)
    • Very resistant to impact and high temperature
    • Made in top-quality stainless steel

Technologie Inovaweld can help you

Indeed,thanks totheir unique robotic laser welding, their drums not only meet these requirements, but also, they can do repetitive welding speed ​and precision.

Furthermore, for you it’s the possibility to have:

  • shorter delivery times
  • very good quality/price ratio
  • drums accredited for the transport of dangerous goods (UN accredited)
  • Etc.

Interested? If you want more information or discuss with Technologie Inovaweld’s team, just contact us (

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