Welders Qualification test Assemblies and testing lab service

Every two years you must qualify your welders.

If, as some many companies, you probably find this organization (material management, plate assembly, etc.) complicated, SEP Group can definitely help you and your team.

            Indeed, with their turnkey service, all they need is your qualification assembly list, the qualification date, your purchase order and you will receive directly welders’ qualification test assemblies.

Simple isn’t it?

You’ll even receive extra plates to cover the unexpected. Of course, this includes their destructive testing lab service.

For your information, their test assemblies are in accordance with CSA W47.1 and CSA W47.2  ) standards as well as ASME and AWS codes. The quality of their plate has already increased the quality of results at SEP Group’s clients.

They can be made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel and are even available for robot welding qualifications.

Their unique turnkey service would allow to you company to save time and money. Indeed, no need to dedicate an employee to the manufacture of plates. This is not a negligible aspect in times of labor shortage. Transportation is even included.

Of course, if your need is only for their laboratory service, the SEP Group is always available to serve you.

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